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This is your world,
This is your story.
Make your choice
and fight for what you believe in.


FABULA ULTIMA is a Tabletop Roleplaying Game inspired by Japanese-style console RPGs, or JRPGs.
In Fabula Ultima, you and your friends will tell epic stories of would-be heroes and fearsome villains, set in fantasy worlds brimming with magic, wondrous locations, and uniquely bizarre monsters.

  • Create your own setting together: with three different styles as reference, your group can freely shape the world as they wish, including powerful kingdoms, small villages, major historical events, and the people who inhabit these lands.
  • A simple and intuitive ruleset that evokes both gameplay and atmospheres from the most beloved JRPGs, all while encouraging players to proactively set goals and influence the story: no choice is without consequence!
  • A Bestiary filled with monsters, demons, beasts, and more: from simple encounters to deadly bosses, our heroes will face many challenges!
  • Fifteen Classes to mix and match in order to create your favorite heroes: inspired by videogames, this modular growth system lets you design deep and unique characters. Choose your group type and embark on great adventures!
  • Everything the Game Master needs to set the scene and accompany the group through marvelous, larger-than-life adventures! Advice, guidelines, and all the tools required to bring the heroes’ dark mirrors on stage… the Villains!

You can get your own copy of the Fabula Ultima corebook through the Need Games website!

This fan-created and fan-run wiki exists to serve as a central repository for unofficial creations for the Fabula Ultima TTJRPG—new rules elements such as classes, equipment, skills, and the like, but also for new settings, world-building, NPCs, and lore!

New Rules

New Classes: New classes for Fabula Ultima PCs.

New Weapons: Objects of destruction, forged for battle.

New Armor and Shields: The best offense is a good defense, at least for some characters.

New Accessories: Useful equipment of all sorts.

New Spells and Arcana: New spells and arcana for all classes.

New Skills: New skills for existing classes.

Rituals: Suggestions and ideas for Rituals.

Projects: Suggestions and ideas for Projects.

New Artifacts: Items of ultimate power for your game.

New Quirks: New Quirks for Fabula Ultima. (Quirks are currently in the playtest rules and will be officially introduced in a future supplement.)

New Hoplospheres: New Hoplospheres for Fabula Ultima. (Hoplospheres are currently in the playtest rules and will be officially introduced in a future supplement.)

New Heroic Style Skills: New Heroic Style Skills for Fabula Ultima. (Heroic Style Skills are currently in the playtest rules and will be officially introduced in a future supplement.)

House Rules: Suggested changes to the core rules.

Characters and Creatures

Player Characters: Characters suitable for play, built by the rules for Fabula Ultima PCs.

Character Conversions: Characters from other media, such as JRPGs, anime, or existing published fantasy settings.

Villains and Bosses: Dastardly deeds await!

Bestiary: Creatures and monsters of all sorts.

Settings and Lore

Homebrew Settings: Share your world with the community!

Setting Conversions: Notes on using Fabula Ultima to run existing published settings.

Rumors and Myths: Adventure seeds, story hooks, and random ideas for Fabula Ultima campaigns.

Fan Fiction: Writings and stories set in the infinite worlds of Fabula Ultima!

Campaign Art: Art inspired by or commissioned for your Fabula Ultima campaigns! This section is not for inspirational art. Please only post art to which you have the rights.

Community Resources

Need Games: The publishers of Fabula Ultima in Italian and English!

Fabula Ultima Playtest Materials: The repository for official Fabula Ultima playtest material.

Rooster Games Discord: The official Discord home of Fabula Ultima!

Fabula Ultima Subreddit: The Reddit page for Fabula Ultima.

Fultimator: Fultimator, an online helper tool for creatures, projects, and more!

Italian Language Community Content: A Google Drive of fan-curated content for the Italian version of Fabula Ultima.

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